Im going to be a father
Omega Red
Im very excited to announce that my girl and I are having our first kid. He or she is due late October/early November.

At first I was scared and nervous, but in the end, I ended up being thrilled and happy! Can't wait to see if its a boy or girl. These are the name we have down so far


Patrick Antonio

I'm so ready for the next phase in life :)

Big announcement SOON
Omega Red
I've told a lot of people of the big news I have to share. Its so big that I am excited! Ive told a few people and Ive gotten positive feedback.

I can't believe I am actually 27. Ive lost so (well I wouldnt say lost, more like I dont give a shit about them and crossed them out of my life) many people out of my life that it actually feels good.

There are those people whom you can keep as friends, and I can name a few. If we don't have much in common, then acquaintances is all we will be

First gf ever
Omega Red
on November 17, 2010, I finally scored my first ever girlfriend. 23 year old Maria Rosas Peralta has won my heart. I'm so excited and looking forward to this :)

At around 11:50 pm, we debated wheter to make it official on the 17th or 18th. I said the 17th because 11-17 are prime numbers :p

Epic November Vegas Trip
Left Friday night around 11:30p

- Slept for 2 hrs and arrived at the Rio Hotel at 8:30a for the WSOP Final table viewing. Pretty epic with Ervin joining me and making some good friends with the people around me.

- We left during the dinner break at 6:45p. Was super tired

- Hit up the strip with Carlos (Vegas virgin), Nick and T'nishya. Played drinking games where we all had to take a shot if we spotted our assigned person (Nick: Girls with 36 DD's or bigger, Carlos got hookers, I got the gays and T-girl got cripples).

- Met up with Lorena and her man CJ. He was cool as hell. Carlos ended up getting lost and we had to bust a search and rescue!U
- Played smash brothers to end the night

- Guy talk with Shadi, Phil and Nick. Learned so much new gossip lol

- Had an awesome bbq with everyone. Nick made his bomb ass carne asada!

- Went to Downtown Vegas and it was packed with a lot of Mexicans. It was some kind of concert!

- Ended up playing at the Golden Nugget with Ervin. Erick and Carlos stayed with us. Made $73 in 15 minutes. That got me a free buy in for the tournament. Made some good plays, good laydowns, good bluffs (succesfully bluffed with 2-7 once), but not good enough for the money. Ervin fared 7th while I got 5th. 2 spots away from the money :(. The Golden Nugget is very playable as people are so easy to read there! Ghetto Stakes people would get crushed here!

- Watched some Boondocks., Very good show!

- Tried out one of Phil's famous sandwhiches. It was fucking amazing!

- Left Vegas around 4p. Had an awesome chat with Carlos, Shadi and Nick about Carlo's problem, women, and sex.

- Got home at 10:30 after we dropped off Shadi and had some burgers at some spot in the valley.

Good times!

Good women + Possible cockblocker
Omega Red
I'm pretty sure there are some good women out there. I just have to acknowledge how they approach me the first time, if we have sex early on, do they show other interests, body language etc.

As soon as I can find a woman who will appreciate me for me, then she will get a shot at romance with I. I'm pretty much going trough that phase like that one flat chested nerdy girl went through. No one wanted her back then, but now that she's fit and looking better, she starts to see people for who they really are.

I guess you can say I've found a few good women this year. All failed actually lol. But as of recent, there is this girl whose caught my attention. She added me a year ago on facebook claiming she attended one of my Rotaract meetings and wasn't able to get ahold of me since. We didn't say much for a year, but as of recent, I decided to "pull the trigger" and make a move. Not once did she mention my body, or sex, just friendly chat. I was actually surprised that she never has seen my body pics since she doesnt facebook it that frequent. Of course she reacted like any typical female when she saw my pics, but that was it. She didn't do what others have been doing. I decided to finally meet up with her this past Sunday regardless if she looked OK in her profile pic. I was in for a surprise.

She actually made the effort to pick me up in her nice 2008 Nissan SUV and she was much prettier than I expected. And best of all she was 4'11. And you know how I am about girls on the 4 foot level! Anyways we clicked a lot! She actually showed a lot of interest in just about everything I do. From poker, to mosh pitting, to metal music. She wasted 6 hrs of her life kicking it with our Ghetto Stakes people and she didn't mind. Here's where it gets interesting

Jose Dominguez, aka VEST, already begins to make the moves on this girl. He gets her a seat to sit next to him, offers her this and that. Buddy, when I bring a date over to our poker nights, she's not really up for grabs, unless I acknowledge it! But no he keeps going all night trying to be smooth. Unfortunately, his game is so bad that he makes himself look desperate. Even my cousin was pissed telling me why I allow such a thing. Simple! I am not worried. Should a girl prefer a creepy so so looking 29 year old over me, then that's her loss. But my cousin did make sense. He's not a real friend if he keeps on making a move. And this isn't the first time he's done this.

Anyways, she needed to get back home and she was lost in the neighborhood we was in. What did VEST do? Offered her to guide her home. As in he would drive to her area and take her home. WOW Really! I honestly dont know what to do in this situation. Im not jealous nor worried about this guy, but it is quite disrespectful.I also don't want to ban him from out poker night since he is easy money :p.

We'll see how it goes. She is a good innocent girl, and I would definitely give her a shot. Because like I said, there are some good girls out there

WEEKLY TOP 20: Week 23
Being busy has caused me from doing one of my favorite hobbies: Assembling the top 40 songs of the week. I'm going to have to cut it to 20 now since music is pretty much dead and I don't follow mainstream music. I actually had a top 20 list in my head every week, but wasn't able to express it :(. Lets see if shortening the list will make a difference.

2010 recap:

Songs of the month:
January: Brad Paisley "Welcome To The Future"
February: Black Eyed Peas "Meet Me Halfway" and Darius Rucker "History In The Making"
March: Breaking Benjamin "Give Me A Sign"
April: Muse "Resistance"
May: Creed "Thousand Faces" and Martina McBride "Wrong Baby Wrong"

Last Week......This week.....(debut) Artist ~Song~ (Weeks at No.1/Accomplishment)

....XX................01............ (10.20) Lady Antebellum "Need You Now" (2)

....XX................02............ (10.12) Creed "Thousand Faces" (4)
....XX................03............ (10.19) Avenged Sevenfold "Nightmare" (***)
....XX................04............ (10.05) George Strait "I Gotta Get To You" (**)
....XX................05............ (10.14) Justin Bieber "Baby" (***)
....XX................06............ (10.16) Martina McBride "Wrong Baby Wrong" (2)
....XX................07............ (10.16) Shelton Benjamin "Hillbilly Bone" (*)
....XX................08............ (10.14) Adam Lambert "Whataya Want From Me" (***)
....XX................09............ (10.17) Weezer "(If You're Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To" (**)
....XX................10............ (10.14) Lady Gaga "Bad Romance" (***)

....XX................11............ (10.20) Travis McCoy "Billionaire"
....XX................12............ (10.14) Jason Derulo "In My Head" (**)
....XX................13............ (10.14) One Republic "All The Right Moves" (**)
....XX,...............14............ (10.04) Muse "Resistance" (3)
....XX................15............ (10.20) Keith Urban "I'm In"
....XX................16............ (10.19) Phoenix "1901"
....XX................17............ (10.17) Keith Urban "Every Dog Has His Day"
....XX................18............ (10.14) Ke$ha "Tik Tok" (***)
....XX................19............ (10.23) August Burns Red "White Washed"
....XX................20............ (10.22) Lady Gaga "Alejandro"

As I Lay Dying "Parallels"
Ke$ha "Your Love is my Drug"
Eminem "Not Afraid"
Muse "Uprising"

(***) Top 3 (**) Top 5 (*) Top 10

May Update:
Ever get that feeling when you know you're going to make it big in life, that's exactly what I felt last month. Words can't express how much I'm looking forward to my future. Maybe god has put out all these challenges in my past life for a reason, and its made me into the person I am.

Oh if you're

My god I had the worst work out month in May. Ran 27 miles less than my monthly average, didn't go to the gym as much, ate like a slob (approximately 30 hamburgers). drank sooo god damn much, etc. But funny thing is, I STILL HAVE MY 6 PACK!!! Maybe it my metabolism, but I dunno how the fuck this happened! Now that tutoring is over, I'm ready to pump iron 3-4 hours a day, 6x a week!

Its still going strong every Sunday! I'm glad majority of my friends are into it and its creating a lot of great new friendships. I can easily do this every Sunday for the rest of my life: Beer, friends, video games, food, poker and good times.

I'm so glad to be reconnecting with so many old best friends. One specifically who comes into mind is Banessa Monterrosa. Ever since she became single, we've literally became BFF's. Even after being in a relationship for like 5 years, our friendship was still there. I'm so sad to see her go though. She will be attending Harvard for a year and much as I am proud of her, I will miss her sooo much. I'm honestly afraid to see her make a living there. She's the best female friend I got and even though I know we will remain the best of friends, I would hate to be distant of her. Well I got a few days left until she leaves, so I need to play cupid and find her a successful guy. She deserves it

I honestly do miss a lot of people who'm I haven't seen in a long time. The people whom I really enjoy being around with. People such as Andres Munoz, Afram Chukro, Stephanie Cardenas, Aura Diaz, Omid Farivar, Marianne Jara, Laura Lopez just to name a few. These individuals are real people, optimistic, fair, supportive of my decisions, fun, and people whom I highly respect. Even though I don't see them very much, I love being around them. The chemistry around these people is amazing.

As for the rest of my friends, I'm glad the gym and poker has helped some of us bond! Lets keep it up

I worked my ass off so much this past month. The hours of sleep and gym time I've sacrificed was totally worth it though. I don't know the exact numbers, but before taxes, I must have made around $4000! Uncle Sam is going to be an asshole so that wont be my full pay off. Either way, that's what you call a hard job well done!

But the old me would have blown the money. Not me! When I saw my bank account go from $210 to $3000 in one day, I was amazed. I had no idea what to do with that money to be honest. And whats even more amazing, all that money is MINE! I've already payed the bills and debts and still had that money. So what am I going to do with the money. That brings up the next subject

Yes you read that right. I am already making plans to buy a house. I spoke to a co-worker who mentioned that houses in Lynwood are selling for under 200k. And Lynwood is a perfect place to live in for its semi-ghetto semi-nice area. With the kind of income I am pulling, this dream may become a reality. I may actually rent it out or keep it to my own, who knows. But I know now what I am capable of and I can make this happen by either the end of this year or by next year. I work very hard and I'm not the type of person who gives up.

As of matter in fact, I may cancel on future vacation plans I had in order to make this happen.

Before you start saying how hard it is to buy a house or other warning advices, don't worry. Just don't tell me that its impossible. I got this ;)

I've put much though about how my life has been going and I know deep inside I'm going to live a good life. Currently, my heart and soul is on the kids, and being a math teacher is what I am going for. But I DO NOT WANT a math degree. My god how boring is that going to be. I have to play it smart and think what will work in the future. Everywhere I went, I've heard so many stories of people not doing shit with their degrees. The economy is bad as it is and people are still chasing FALSE DREAMS! Let me put this into perspective

Ever notice how there are sooooooo many amazing college athletes. Especially white players! They are Heisman winners, they drive their teams to the championships, etc. But HOW MANY OF THOSE PLAYERS make it big in the professional leagues? Do you ever see the NFL or NBA hire college players from winning teams? How many times have you seen players stats on TV and they come from a college you've never heard of. Or more importantly, a college that didn't have a good record? If you can translate this into the real world, that's exactly what it is. People get the good grades, work hard, get the degree, and end up with a shitty job and move back with their parents. People dream of working for Apple, or Microsoft, but don't realize how tough it is to get in there. They end up getting a different career or end up hating their career choice. Its like professional sports teams: people dream of making it, but don't get what they want. In fact, most players don't end up playing for their dream team? DOES THIS MAKE SENSE?

Anyways, what I'm trying to get our of this is that I made a lot of thinking and realized that the smart thing to do is to go into teaching. Its a profession that will ALWAYS be in demand, the benefits are amazing, I get to work with tweens/teens, and the pay is great in my standards. Lets face it, I don't care about making 6 figures. I was brough to this planet to inspire and help out the less fortunate. Look at my current life, I'm surviving off an income of less than 2k a month. I don't see whats wrong with making 40-60k. If you love your job, and the pay can take care of you life, then why complain. So there you go, Edgar Nunez, future Jr High School math teacher.

I also find it funny how people are telling me how tough it is to teach. The bratty kids, the loads of paperwork, etc. I've been through 26 years of tough times, I can take on the challenge. I'm an adult already, I can't be afraid.

But what about school, I thought you said you don't want to be a math major? I know, and that's why I am going to pursue my "Interpersonal Communications" degree while earning my math credential. Its gonna be a while, but I will make this happen. The degree will help me out should I want a different career that will allow me to inspire and help out less fortunate kids. I used to be poor, I used to be picked on, I was the laughstock for a majority of my life. But this is my destiny, my calling, and I will show people that even the quiet kid can make it big in life.

March is over, and life is still so god damn good!
Omega Red
Man I can't even imagine how great life is! March hasn't slowed me down, in fact its making me progress more and more. Here's what's been going on

My Destiny/Calling
I know what I am meant to do in this planet while I am alive. I'm meant to help people who need my help. I am meant to inspire those who need it. I'm meant to warn the kids who suffered like me, that they can be successful. Whether its with their math, their bodies, self esteem, or dieting, I now have the confidence to do it. Potential careers I am looking at:

- Personal Trainer
- Math and PE teacher
- Motivational Speaker
- Counselor
- Anything that deals with communication

I know a lot of people have made fun of me for making so many major changes, but this time its for real. All those times in the past, I wasn't confident, I had nothing to show for, no experience, no passion. Now I'm making these positive changes in my life that have lead to positive results. If I make 48k a year, I will be happy with that. I work hard and lived through tough times, so nothing out there scares me. My major of choice will be "Interpersonal Communication" and I plan to apply to CSU Fullerton, Long Beach, LA and Northridge. My future is set!

New car
- Made first payment of car, on time and over the minimum payment. Raising my credit score!

Working Out
- Dropping weight like crazy. This workout has been such a blessing. 89.5 jogging miles during this month. It makes up for the crappy February 74.25 miles. Currently I weight 160 lbs! That's 14 lbs I've lost since the beginning of this year. My 6 pack is slowly appearing and its here to stay!

- Ghetto Stakes Poker at Erick's (C-Block's) pad every Sunday has been a dream come true. I finally got friends and family to gather up and play some poker. I am up in the overall winnings, but I gotta do something about my brother's insane luck. He made more money than me this month of poker!

Census Job
- Started the Census job and its a fucking joke! I get paid $12.75 to sit on a chair and answer people's questions about the Census. I get approached on the average twice a day! YES TWICE A DAY! All I do is play on my phone and laptop during my 5 hour shifts, every Monday, Tuesday and Saturday. I feel bad for taxpayers.

Tutor job
- Tutoring job has extended their last day from April 30 to May 31st!!! That means I get an extra month of tutor cash. I took advantage and asked for 3 more students. So now I have around 150 hrs to complete in the next 2 months! Lots of money to be made.

- I've been so busy working and working out that I forget that the female species exist. Don't get me wrong I love women, but I'm focused on making money and looking good for the summer. Its a small sacrifice that should pay off this summer. I honestly don't have time to date.

Vacation plans for this month
- Lake Havasu in the weekend of 9-11 and Vegas at the end of the month. About the only few times I get to party

Overall this year is looking good still. I love inspiring people and that's what this year's theme is: INSPIRATION. I'm laughing at all the haters who said I wouldn't make it. We only getting started!

February ends in a good note
I've been keeping myself on the DL, but here's whats going down with my life

- Got a new car. 2008 Toyota Corolla CE , 19k miles, stick shift. Got it at $8800
- Starting new job at Census Bureau March 16th
- My rocker style haircut has kept me looking clean cut and handsome
- Got a couple of new kids on the tutoring job making my debut tutor career at 13 kids
- Transferring to a CSU school won't be happening till Fall 2011. Oh well work work work = experience.
- 6 pack progress going well. That alone shall be my certification when I start to train people. Nonetheless would like to pursue a Personal Trainer certificaion

Pretty much all I'm doing with life is work and working out. During my free times, I'm playing poker or MVC2. I've been moved by the tutoring job that its interrupted my dating life. I'm more worried about the kids than the women.

I'm enjoying life and its only getting better. My sole purpose in life is to inspire people, and that's what I've been doing this year.

February off to a rocky start: Car accident
Omega Red
At about 3:30a, I take off from the Fullerton Denny's after having an awesome night with Vanessa and Chris. I take off on the 91 fwy and decide to drive a cool 65mph after remembering how going over that speed wastes gas, and I had no rush to get home. I had passed the 5 fwy and continued on the 91. Around the Beach Blvd exit, I noticed some lights behind me getting brighter and figured it was the CHP. I thought nothing of it until all of a sudden, I GOT REAR ENDED!

All I was thinking was "please god let me live, please got let me live." and everyone I cared about in my life flashed right before me. My car swerved and lost control until it ran into the center divider and CRASH! My car was now a complete mess, in the carpool lane facing directly at the traffic and I was able to get out my car without a single scratch. Now I gotta consider myself extremely lucky. There are so many "what if" questions that leave me thinking why am I not in the hospital, or injured or even dead for that matter.

So after I get out my car, I check my body to see if anything is wrong with me. I'm good to go and call 911 immediately. At the same time, I am strategizing how I will dodge traffic. I was in the carpool lane and anyone could easily run into my car and then into me. I noticed the person who hit me parked about 200 ft the opposite side of me. He was in the gap between the freeway and the Knott Ave exit. I tried screaming to them to stay put but the freeway noise over shadowed it. I so wanted to run across the fwy to the safe lane and get a possible glimpse of the other car and people. The car was parked and a civilian got out from its vehicle, but at 3:40a, it was real hard to get any information. It looked like a guy, it looked like a girl, I couldn't tell. What I did notice was the it was a dark color compact car. That's it.

So at exactly 3:47a, I see the car take off. I was pissed and there was nothing I could do. The risk of running across the freeway was dangerous and who knows what they could have had? Maybe a gun, maybe no insurance, maybe someone under the influence, for the moment, I don't know.

So CHP arrives at 3:59a and do their thing. For being CHP officers, they sure acted like little kids when they were in the parking lot supervising my vehicle. But whatever, they are the fucking assholes of the law and only did their job to get rid of my junk off their precious highway. They even suggested I get my car taken by a regular tow company, which would have been a costly mistake. But of course they are the tax robbing mother fuckers, only telling me what to do to make their christmas ham even fatter. I honestly think they will do shit, big surprise!

It sounds crazy and it doesn't look like I will find those asshole who crashed me, but I did pick up on some clues to where they took off. I saw car parts and oil spills going northbound on Knott Ave, and the car went eastbound on Orangethorpe. That's all I know. I even have a piece of their car which I found on Knott ave clearly showing that they made a right turn upon exiting. There are a few businesses in the corner of Knott and Orangethorpe which I will ask for a possible surveillance footage. I swear, the only thing I want to do is get revenge on these cowardly mother fuckers. If I find them, I will sue the fuck out of them. I pray to god their asses got some dough, because I will hit them hard! I could have easily forgiven them had they stayed and waited for CHP, but they left trying to take the easy way out. We'll see what happens in the next few weeks or months to come. I'm glad to have half-insurance. Its not full or liability, but according to my brother, he said I get covered for hit and runs. Who knows.

I'm happy to see another day, and there is nothing else I can ask for.


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